What is an HCLI Connector?
An HCLI connector is a type of Service Connector that provides the ability to express a command line interface (CLI) as a REST API, via hypertext command line interface (HCLI) semantics. Here's a high level depiction of the interaction between architectural elements:

An HCLI template can be applied to an HCLI connector to express any command line interface (CLI):

The CLI expressed via HCLI semantics can then be navigated through using an HCLI client, as if the CLI was local to the HCLI client:

HAL Browser navigation of an example HCLI can be found at http://hcli.io/hal/#/hcli/cli/jsonf?command=jsonf

The corresponding root of the HCLI, that can be used with an HCLI client, such as Huckle, can be found at http://hcli.io/hcli/cli/jsonf?command=jsonf